SoundBox 3.1

Kingdom Hall Meeting Recording & Music/Video Playback

Instructions for Translators

These instructions are for those who have agreed to translate SoundBox into their native language.

If you would like to work on one of the existing translations or on a new language translation please contact us specifying the category "Translator Enquiry" before starting work.

In particular, please do not work on an existing translation without first contacting us so that we can liaise with the current translator to see if they would welcome some assistance.

Initial translation usually takes about 2 or 3 hours. SoundBox is updated regularly and so there is an on-going requirement for translation of new items (but it is usually much less work than the initial phase - perhaps 1 hour every 3 months).

Please download the latest worksheet. It contains the native text in column B and the translated text should be inserted in the appropriate language column (Column A is hidden but should be kept). Where there is existing text in the language column this comes from the current translation (but please feel free to review it and modify it as necessary). The final column contains notes that may be useful when translating.

The latest worksheet is named "SoundBox_xxxx" where xxxx is a sequential number and doesn't correspond to any particular version of the SoundBox software. However it is normally generated from one of the latest beta or release editions. Please let me know if you need this file in another format.

Please note the following additional instructions:

  1. Feel free to delete the language columns that are not applicable to you. This isn't necessary but it may make your job easier.
  2. Where you see text like "Installing song file {0}", the "{0}" is a placeholder for text that will be added at run time (in this case the file name), so please leave the placeholder text intact.
  3. Where you see "\r\n" in some text please leave the string "\r\n" intact (it is used to denote a new line).
  4. Where product names occur such as "FMOD", "SoundBox", "Dropbox", "Media Foundaton", "VLC", "Windows Media Player", etc these should be retained in the translation. Please carefully reproduce the correct capitalisation of characters.
  5. Where a phrase is all capitalised, please do the same in the translation.
  6. Where a phrase begins with an upper case character, please do the same in the translation.
  7. If you have any questions please contact me (email address on home page)

You may find this Microsoft website useful for translating common terminology

When you provide a translation I will add it to the latest beta build so you can test and as soon as we are happy with it I will publish.