SoundBox 3.1

Kingdom Hall Meeting Recording & Music/Video Playback


Please see a Special Announcement that describes why SoundBox 3.1 is no longer supported. See also the follow-up. dated Dec 2018. The download will remain available.

We have replaced SoundBox 3.1 with four open-source applications (OnlyT, OnlyR OnlyM and OnlyV) to assist with timing, recording, 3rd-party media playback and scripture display (functions that JW Library does not currently offer). Please see the new SoundBox website for further details of the new products.

SoundBox is Windows software designed for use at Kingdom Halls where a PC is used to record meetings and play videos and songs. Key features include:

  • Simple to use interface
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Plays songs and background Music
  • Plays video (on target display with fade-to-black)
  • Presents images, PDFs and websites
  • Automatically downloads videos and images for meetings
  • Displays song lyrics
  • Records direct to MP3
  • Burn CDs and copies to removable devices or cloud services
  • Supports multiple congregations
  • Includes adaptive timers for all meetings
  • Displays scriptures
  • Displays messages for the platform
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Adheres strictly to terms & conditions of use

Support for the new song book and lyric videos

Note that SoundBox requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. For a comprehensive description of functionality please see the User Guide

Please visit the SoundBox Facebook page - it's where all the news is!


Please see here for SoundBox language support


View a short video demo showing the main features of SoundBox. Here's another independent instructional video. Some SoundBox videos in Portuguese.


SoundBox Song Player
The Music Page showing all songs queued up and the opening song being played

SoundBox Recorder
The Recorder Page

SoundBox Video Player
The Video Player with Projector selected as Target

SoundBox Timer
The Timer

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